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Mulch protects the plants' root systems and can add much-needed nutrients to the soil. It helps to prevent weeds and retain moisture. Our bulk mulch is sold by the cubic yard covering approximately 100 square feet at 3" deep, One bag covers approximately 8 square feet at 3" deep.

Delivery charges to downtown Columbia and surrounding areas is $35.00 (3 Cubic Yard Minimum)
Delivery Charges may vary for smaller amounts

Brown Mulch
Brown mulch is the most popular selling mulch we offer here at Garners Ferry Landscape Supply. Mulch is a great cover application for your garden and landscape beds giving nutrients and holding much needed moisture for your plants. Available in dark walnut brown this mulch will enhance the look of your landscape and garden.

$35/cubic yard
$3.50/2 cubic foot bag

80 yard truckload price $2,050
Cypress Chips
Mulch Chips are a decorative landscape ground cover used in walkways, driveways, playgrounds and trails or paths. Approved for outdoor institutional facilities as a ground cover and serves as a cushion for sports activities in parks and recreational areas.

$36/cubic yard

100 yard truckload price: $2,700
Black Mulch
Black mulch is the darkest color mulch offered here at Garners Ferry Landscape Supply. This dark mulch works well with other colors and will improve the look of your home and garden significantly.

$35/cubic yard
$3.50/2 cubic foot bag

80 yard truckload price $2,050
Red Mulch
Red mulch is another popular seller here at Garners Ferry Landscape Supply. Our red mulch will strengthen the look of your landscape beds and blends well with other colors.

$35/cubic yard
$3.50/2 cubic foot bag

80 yard truckload price $2,050
Pine Bark Mulch
Pine bark mulch is a great natural looking ground cover. This mulch does not include any die and is double hammered.

$25/cubic yard

100 yard truckload price $1825



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